Thursday, February 18, 2016

Why join Beachbody as a Plus Size coach

Seriously though, who doesn't LOVE to follow a good transformation story?

This business IS a business, we do want to make money, but most of us really do join to help inspire others. And I'm not sure about you but I totally love it when I can see and get to know a person AS they reach their weight loss goals. I watch other mamas with similar intrests as I; breastfeeding, co sleeping, baby wearing, wanna be skinny like in their 20's real moms who have went from a size 18 to a size 4...and THAT INSPIRES ME!

I want to be that type of coach. The one that has the amazing results right in front of everyone and for the public to see my struggles, my fears, my fight to push through to the end. I don't want to give a 'highlight reel' at the end of my journey, I'd much rather have you living it with me.

So yes, while I'm 'Plus Size' please follow me, subscribe to my youtube channel, and watch me get fit and healthy as my journey unfolds!



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