Monday, February 8, 2016

Why I started My Fitness Journey: Started Jan. 2016

So I started this fitness journey at 226 lbs. I am now down to 215 lbs. about 3 weeks in and I'm feeling great! I do a set of workouts from Beachbody called "PiYo' every morning as well as replacing my breakfast with Shakeology daily.

In the past I've never really been a 'dieter'. I did lose weight after my daughters birth, but it took a few years. Same thing after having my first son, it was awhile before I looked and felt good again. This time my baby is almost 9 months old, and I'm heavier than when I gave birth to him.

How is that possible you ask?

Well, if you've never breastfed then you might not know this, but there's a secret no one tells you...breastfeeding makes you ravenously all the time. Add to the fact that I dont make enough milk for my child unless I take Domperdone (a digest med with a crazy awesome side effect of milk production!) and yes I have GAINED since having him! At my follow up wic appointment I was 201, so needless to say I gained almost 30 lbs. just from nursing! Thats more than I gained being pregnant.

Okay so in my defense, I had a very high a1c at the doctors office (see the video for better explanation on that) and the high sugar levels has been a huge factor in retaining this weight around my stomach area. I am now on a thyroid med (oh yea that was low as well, so it was like almost impossible for me to lose!) and metformin to help with the sugar.

Im on the right track now, thankfully! With diet and exercise I have a goal of under 200 by my sons 1st birthday! I hope you follow my journey with me! To find me on Facebook please click here



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