Thursday, February 25, 2016

Two things NOT to say to someone on a fitness journey

So during my weight loss journey (what I prefer to call this en-devour Im tackling right now), I've noticed a few different things that keep reoccurring. One thing in particular that really just upsets me is when someone says things like

"OH keep going and soon you're going to be so skinny and thin"


"I bet you can't wait until you're skinny enough to shop in the misses again"

Ummmmm....NO. Not everyone has a goal to 'get skinny' when they decide to get fit.

First of all, I have zero desire to shop in the misses...I'm a 31 year old grown Mother of 3 here, I prefer my clothes to not have holes in them when I purchase them.

But the real issue I want to talk on is this.


I am on a journey to get fit. To be healthy. To prolong my life. To see my grandkids graduate high school. I want to enjoy this life and be fit and fabulous. Skinny isn't even on my mind until someone says something like this to me.

In fact, it's time that we as a nation stop 'assuming' that everyone that wants to get fit or is working out is doing so for that reason. Some of us are very happy being plus size, and just fine with it, as long as we can still do the things that we want to do, enjoy our family, exercise, eat right and take care of our bodies.

The scale isn't a measure of how healthy I am.

I am living in the here and now, and today I am down 17 lbs. but I'm still 'plus size', but I'm feeling so good. I feel like I really can hike a hard trail, coach my daughters softball team and run after those girls, like I can do anything! And I have been! I am feeling great and this journey isn't going to stop anytime soon!



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