Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Surgery Update and New category to blog!

It has been a very long time since I made a blog post! Since November to be exact. The struggle with my daughters unexplained lumps, her surgery, and many other factors just did not allow me the time to blog! If you follow me then you know I run my own business as well, so Christmas time was super busy, and the excuses go on and on. BUT, Im back now, and I want to first update with my daughters medical condition.

She is cancer free! The biopsy surgery went great, the healing process was a bit scary, especially the first night when the anestesia wore off and she was bawling and begging me to take her to the hospital because she was in so much pain. They had given me a script for pain meds for her, but I wanted to wait until she NEEDED it to give it to her, had I known it would wear off and be so bad I would have given it much sooner. So that first night was really rough, on her and on myself.

The worst part of all was the 2.5 weeks that followed. Yes, it took THAT long to get the results back! We live in a small rural southern Illinois community, and while the surgery was done in a somewhat larger town (not by that much lol) they still send samples such as that out of state for extensive testing for cases like my daughters. The wait was horrible.

When I got the phone call they then told me I had to come IN for the results! I was even more scared. I don't think I've ever prayed so much in my entire life. That hour drive was the longest of my life, and when I got there I could feel my heartbeat in my chest, I was just sure it was bad news. The doctor came in and said "We sent the sample to 2 different labs and she is cancer free" I just started crying!

Praise God! She has been the blessing of my life and if you've been through a similar situation you can imagine how hard that time was for all of us. She was so brave and strong during her surgery, and after, I am so proud I have been blessed with the most intelligent, kind, and beautiful of children.

Here is a recent image, taken just yesterday showing her as she is today, happy, active, and full of that childlike innocence that I pray she never loses! Thank you for the prayers and inspring emails during that time!

p.s. Im adding a new section to this blog called DIY home makeover. Yes, Im getting crafty around here and I wanna give you some tips so you dont make the same mistakes I have in some of my projects :) First up: Chalkpaint 101 refurbishing furniture!



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