Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Daughters Battle

See this little girl here

She is my life!

And she is fighting a battle. She needs prayer. 

I do not normally share personal things about my children, I feel fine telling you about my marriage, opening up and helping others, but when it comes to me asking for help, or saying I need prayers, I just don't do it often.

Here is the story in a nutshell. We have been to 4 doctors total. 2 specialists, and many trips out of town to the specialists for some growths on her neck. At first they thought them to be an infection. After 3 rounds of the strongest antibiotics for children, on an 8 week course, they only grew bigger and more in number. Going from one to now four lumps total all on the same side of her neck. 

This is a parents worst nightmare. We never want to think about our children having cancer, but to us, its a reality. We are in a battle now, and we plan to win this, kick it in the butt and move on with our life. November 5th she is going into surgery for a biopsy to remove the largest one, this is scary to us, but Lillian tells us "I'm tough, I can handle it". She is so brave!

After the biopsy it will be the longest week of our life. The doctor has not confirmed it to be lymphoma, but he does think that is the diagnosis, because of the continued growth and spreading of it. The school has been GREAT working with us! She gets to go to the nurse anytime she needs to and rest (she gets winded very easily) she has to do breathing treatments at home, has an inhaler for school, and the nurse also, per dr. order, is to check her vital signs each time she comes in for her rest period. She has been taken out of P.E. for the time being, and for however long it takes. I have also been assured that if we do in fact start the chemo and radiation, her homework and other learning items will be sent to us at the children s' hospital so she can do them in between treatments. 

I just wanted to share this and let you all know that no matter what you are facing, there is hope. We have hope. We know that God loves us, he loves Lillian and this is just a test of faith. A test that we plan to pass and get her health back 100%. 

It has been affecting our family, and most of all myself emotionally as well as physcially. I keep hearing, "oh you look great, you've lost so much weight' but I am not healthy. I am not losing it healthy that is. I feel tired all the time and just stressed to the point of not being ABLE to eat. Trust me, I'd love some fettuccine noodles and a breadstick right now!

Point of the story is this. God provides for us, he does give us faith challenges, and he knows we love and trust him and will continue to do so. I have full faith that Lillian will make a full recovery and be bouncing and flipping around in tumbling again before we know it! I just want my daughter to be able to live her life as a normal 5 year old, and the sooner that happens for her, the better life will be. So your prayers are appreciated and thank you for the continued support in following the blog. I will be updating you all on the condition and the process as we continue through it. 

I'll leave you with a few more images of my precious, kind hearted, wonderful daughter!



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