Sunday, September 1, 2013

Having my husband assist me at work; the good, the bad, and the fun!

This past weekend I had the pleasure of shooting a wedding of a young couple through my photography business; Tara Eveland Photography. (I know I know, simple name huh:)
Anyways, I had asked my husband if he wanted to come along and help me, in hopes that he would say yes and I would not have to hire a second shooter (another person to shoot a wedding in addition to the first photographer, so that there are different angles and nothing is missed in the ceremony or events). He thought about it for a bit since it was in fact his own day off, but in the end he decided to come along and help me.
First I want to say that he is not a professional photographer, he came along to mainly carry my equipment, hold reflectors and lights, and just assist me in general, however he was given my backup camera and he did take over 400 images, and most of them to my surprise are actually very good!
We left our home about 130 in the afternoon and made the hour and a half drive to a gorgeous amish venue in Southern Indiana. I showed my husband a quick review of the basics of working his camera in manual, lighting, and where the ceremony would be and the run down of what we needed to do and how to work together to ensure we covered all 'angles'.
It was just so great to have him there! I want to say that he helped me A LOT! Not only did he give my arms and shoulder a break, but he saved us the money of having to hire someone else to do it, and I really enjoyed my time with him there also. He was always handy right by my side, ready to hand me a different lens, hold a chair for me to stand on, help coordinate the group shots, and he even took many of me 'in action' which is awesome because I recently have been losing weight and it wasn't until looking at his photographs from this wedding that I really noticed.
The bad part of it...well honestly there is no bad part of it! :) We had a great time, it was almost like a 'date night' really. It showed me that him and I can work together wonderfully also and upon review of his images I noticed that he has a totally different 'shooting style' than I do (every photographer does almost), and is very creative even in shooting photography. So, in the future, yes, he will be accompanying me to other weddings as my second shooter and assistant. He said he had a great time and even wanted to 'apply' to be hired by the studio lol. Here are a few shots of myself working that my husband shot. Thank you babe for coming along and working so well together to create the gorgeous images of this wedding for the couple!



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