Wednesday, August 21, 2013
So the big question, what have I been doing these days?! Well, for one, I want to turn this blog more into a CHRISTIAN MOTHERS BLOG!  I will be going through and deleting all UPCI materials that I no longer agree with, and I hope to reach and minister to a much broader audience this way also.

I hope to not only give advice, but Lord knows I NEED advice! I am not perfect, I sin...more than I should, but it is his hands that always reach down and pick me back up! So, I am starting this blog back up with my adventures as a full time christian business owner, mom of a kindergartener ( I know right! she grew fast!), ex upci cult member, and mother of a toddler, husband to a hard working man, AND my favorite I hope to have guest posts from other womens sites, network, share ideas, and learn more as we all grow in our walk with the Lord.

For now,  have a toddler running rampid in the house and its bedtime! Tomorrow's post will be my weight loss journey! whooo hoooo...thats gonna need its own catagories lol



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