Monday, July 8, 2013

Why we left the UPCI organization

Hey everyone! Its been awhile since my last blog, and I thought I'd share some of what is going on in my spiritual walk and in my life.
We have left the UPCI organization after much research and many situations in the church that did not 'add up' to things that are in the bible. Here are just a few reasons:

1. The UPCI is an organization, they are ran by man made rules, doctrines, and some man made believes. They have turned into an international organization and even have their own bank now for UPCI ministers and churches.

2. We do not believe that if you cut your hair that will affect your salvation. I keep my hair long because I chose to, but I know women that have been told by their UPCI ministers that if they cut their hair then harm will come to their children and families. This is not biblical.

3. It is also not biblical to judge others based on what they wear. I know I have my fair share of posts on her about modesty, wearing skirts, no makeup, and what it means to be a lady. If you look back a few years on the blog you may find posts where it reflects my mindset that was established by the UPCI church that I attended. I no longer believe this to be true. Modesty comes from the HEART. And Jesus does not want us judging each other on what we wear or how we look, that is not brotherly or christ love, that is human judgement.

My family and I still believe in One God, One baptism, and one name, Jesus Christ. But we are not going to be bullied and pushed around by an organization that is a multimillion dollar business telling us how to think and what parts of the bible to believe and what parts not to believe. So, I can say, I am not EX-UPCI, but I am a Christian through and through.

I recently learned during my studies that the UPCI is now listed as cult and is also found in that section and reference at the bible book stores, online, and in the general mainstream media as well. If you also are having feelings of something just 'not right' at your church, or anything else that I have spoken of, then I urge you to check out this site on spiritual abuse, because you are not alone.



  1. I'm glad you and your family have made decision to leave the UPCI. It's a difficult decision to make. I made the decision about 10 months ago after a lot of prayer and research. I think you'll find as you go forward that not only are their teachings on standards unbiblical (or extra-biblical), you'll begin to see that their views of salvation and the godhead are unbiblical as well. There are a lot of good people under UPCI bondage, and hopefully they'll begin to see the light as you have and as I have. God bless you in your journey going forward!