Monday, February 27, 2012

The lies the world would have our daughters believe

Sitting at lunch today my daughter tells me, "Mommy I'm getting super skinny from eatting so much, I've been eatting breakfast, and a snack, lunch, dinner, and more snacks and I'm looking really skinny" Yes, her logic was a little backwards but it was the idea that my 3 year old daughter was "trying to be skinny" that caught me by surprise. So I ask her, "Why do you want to be skinny honey?" and to my horror she says "So I can be prettier"! Lets just say for once I was speechless.
What do you even say to that? Or how about a couple weeks ago when she told me she wanted to wear makeup. I told her she was so pretty the way God made her and didn't need that stuff. To which she promptly asked, "well when I grow up can I wear makeup?". 
That is a choice she will have to make on her own, but I pray that I am able to teach her along the way that the things of this world are not always right. How messed up is it that a little bitty girl, who by the way doesn't have an inch of fat on her, thinks that she needs to be skinnier or prettier! I explained to her that beauty comes from the inside, in her heart, and if she is a good person, kind, loving, loving God and treating others kindly then THAT is what being pretty is.
Sure she doesn't understand everything I am saying right now, but if she can absorb enough of the influence the world around her is throwing her way, then I can only pray she can grasp the influence that I am trying to teach her about the TRUE meaning of being "pretty". Please join me in praying for our young girls in the generations that are growing up in this messed up society where being beautiful is measured by the size of your waist, how much makeup you have on, and how nice your clothes are. These girls are going to be the next generation to carry on the Lords work and raise up their children, if we do not teach them our ways as Christian women, you can bet the world will be there to teach them their ways!


  1. Yes! Quite sad. Children pick up everything!!! The bible says to "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it" (Proverbs 22:6). Keep on doing what God wants you to do as a mother, which is to leave a godly impression on your children.

  2. You are so right! Thank God how he has led you to teach you daughter to be a woman of God!

  3. Mrs. Eveland~ I just read your testimony. Praise the Lord for His goodness, that He pursues us and saves us. What a good good God we serve. Anyways, just wanted to pass on another woman's testimony. She is a friend of mine, an older woman (in her 70's). I believe that her testimony would bless you. You have a lot in common.

    It is found at the bottom of her website which is

  4. I am definitely praying! I always wonder where kids pick this stuff up, but its everywhere and they are so smart its no wonder they say it!

  5. Just prayed for that :) please tell your daughter this: I (stephanie is my name) worked REALLY REALLY super hard on being skinny. And I got there, I lost all of my muscles, I couldn't even open a door. Tell her that it's not worth it. That isn't what God wants, he wants a woman to show how much she can help others. That is his 'pretty'.

    It took awhile but I finally figured it out.