Friday, February 24, 2012

How do we Judge?

How often do we judge others? Do we even realize that we do it anymore? Christ taught us to love others and to help guide them towards the truth and a more righteous life, but he also taught us not to look down on them. Do we forget that part?
I'm just asking these questions because I hear so often people say "well, I would come to that church but I feel judged, I feel like my clothes aren't good enough, or I'm not wearing the right thing. No one even comes up and talks to me". How awful is that?! What would Jesus think about that statement? I am positive he wouldn't be impressed with your fancy clothes, perfect hair, or amazing shoes, nearly as much as he would've been impressed if you have taken that person in, made them feel welcomed and loved. 
We are called to live differently, and so often people think that only applies to the way we dress. It doesn't. Yes, dressing modest and living up to Godly standards is very important, but that does not define who we are and how we set ourselves apart from the world. I believe when God calls us to live differently it is about WHO we are in our heart, how we treat others, the things we do and activities we engage in, and how we glorify God by the way we LIVE our life. The things that adorn our body, or do not adorn our body, do NOT qualify for any brownie points when we get to heaven. 
It's just been on my mind lately, a lot. I have run into so many people lately that have spoke to me about it subject, and more then one that was completely turned off from a church itself by the way people acted and treated them. I urge you to find that visitor sunday morning, make them feel welcomed, and find something on their outfit to COMPLEMENT! Remember that we all came out of the darkness, we all had to be saved from sin at some point, we were NOT born righteous, nor ever be righteous enough to deserve the mercy that God has given us :)


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