Wednesday, August 31, 2011

23 weeks pregnant!

Im sure this will be my last, unless the Lord has some secrets up his sleeve that Im unaware of :) This pregnancy has been pretty hard on my body, and mind. Its even more difficult to keep up with my 3 year old then I thought it would be, but Im still trying to enjoy every day of feeling my baby inside of me.
We found out the Lord has blessed us with a seemingly healthy baby boy! His name is Jack Isaiah Eveland. Jack: after my grandpa that lost his battle to cancer in 1997 and was the best man next to my dad and husband that I have ever known. I decided when he passed away if I ever had a son he would be named after my grandpa. Isaiah: is my husbands pick, after his favorite prophet in the bible. We really think its a strong name for our son, we couldn't be happier.
Things are just now starting to take a toll on my body. At 27 with a toddler and 2 herniated discs in my back, the bigger Jack gets the more I feel my age thats for sure. The beginning of the preganancy was so easy though, never sick or craving anything, it was the total opposite from carrying my daughter. I had to eat saltine crackers before even stepping foot on the floor in the morning or I would be sick. With this one, Ive had to remind myself how far along I am, or even that I am pregnant until of course this big belly came along :)
We couldn't be happier and I just thought I would give an update. God Bless


  1. even though we've never met, i'll keep you in my prayers, i hope you have a healthy pregnancy to the end.