Friday, July 1, 2011

Thank you Jesus for the Drought

When I fully came to the Lord last year I was so on fire and so delivered I remember thinking "how could anyone backslide or just stop feeling this close to God, Ill never do that". Well, let me just say that through this drought I was going through, I never backslid, Praise God.  I always stayed hand in hand with him and I prayed quite a few times these words with tears running down my face "Please Jesus, if you dont leave me I promise I wont leave you". I was so used to people I love leaving me, that it was too easy to forget him saying "I will never leave nor forsake you".
The past two months have been full of trials for myself. I felt all of sudden like God had stopped blessing me for some reason, that he had not left me but fallen away from me, and really it was the opposite. I had fallen away from him. Instead of waking up and singing praise and worship to him everyday, Id wake up in a hurry to get on with my day. Instead of reading my bible faithfully, Id wake up and check my facebook or start cooking breakfast. Always putting God on the backburner. Why? I dont know. I guess because I felt I was "christian enough" in some sense of the word....I knew I was saved and I loved Jesus and was living holy for him, but I still felt that creepying emptiness that I so desperately did NOT want to come back.
I finally shared this with my Pastor and asked that he pray for me, as was my husband and Im positive my Dad also. Praise God that I didn't lose my faith, didnt backslide and go back to my old ways. It was just a TASTE of what it would feel like to lose my God and let me tell you, I WONT GO BACK, I WONT BE LOSING THIS PRECIOUS GIFT IVE FOUND IN MY REDEEMER. So, I just wanted to share that, while I was unable to post really and I appreciate all your prayers and words of encouragement, I also appreciate that I come back after this trail to find not that I have less readers, but more :) I pray that my words can continue to uplift and encourage others the way God would have them do so and I give all glory to him for the many things he does in my life. Have a happy 4th of July and God Bless


  1. Hi Tara. This is a really great post. And a stern reminder for me to not keep putting everything else first, 1st thing in the morning - because eventually - the end of the day comes and I haven't spent any time with the Lord.
    God bless