Monday, May 16, 2011

You Can't Outgive God!

We all the concept of biblical tithing. Give the first 10% of our income faithfully to the Lord,and he will bless you back 10fold, right? Sounds easy, but its not. Some might say it is, but the truth of the matter is that when you have children, you have needs and things you MUST pay for on time, and its sometimes hard to trust the Lord to provide. You might think that 10% is alot, and it is in this society where gas is over $4 a gallon. How much easier is it to take what is Gods and go pay that bill, rather than to put total trust in the Lord to provide your every need? It not easy to always do, but when you make up your mind to be obedient to the Lord and worship him with your tithes and offering, he Literally CANNOT be outgiven.Here is our story and the blessing he poured into my familes life:

When my husband and I had gotten married, we decided beforehand that we would tithe, not just what we thought we should, but biblically tithe and trust the Lord to provide all our needs. When we started, it was hard to put that money in an envelope each week and "let it go" when we had so much need for it at home. But we were obedient and followed what the Lord wants us to do for his kingdom. Every week we work out our budget, putting our tithes aside first. Sometimes we DONT have enough left to pay all our bills, but God has NEVER let us go without, and has turned more than a few situations around in our favor. The biggest is that which happened this weekend.
Our apartment complex where I have lived almost a year, and husband has lived with me for just over two months now, was sold this past week. The new landlord has a nickname around town as "slumlord", for reasons that I will let you figure out for yourself lol. To name a few of the problems we have had with him in less than a week here goes. First day we woke up a tree being cut down right over our bedroom and logs falling and rolling down the roof, scaring us to death! Our daughter runs in crying and super scared also! Day two, 7am again, they decided to roof our apartment building and not tell us that one either. This lasted all day long. While the Landlord was outside all day, he never bothered to introduce himself, give us warning of these contructions, or to even leave a contact number or address for emergencies. He has yet to do any of that.
So, we decided we wanted to move. Thinking our lease wasnt up until much later, I decided to just take a chance and look at it anyways. I had signed it for my daughter and I in september, a 9 month lease, which puts it being up in 2 weeks. FIRST blessing.
We started looking around on thurday and remembered a trailer that had looked nice we had seen a few weeks before. It was out in the country so we drove out there to see if the sign was still in the yard. It was. We called the number and set up to look at it friday. The outside looked brand new, set off the highway with farmland and woods surrounding it.
When we saw the inside it was even better than the outside! Husband and I both agreed that it was the nicest rental either of us had ever looked at. It had two huge bedrooms, two big bathrooms to match, big walkin closets, all brand new appliances (dishwasher/stove/fridge), new carpets, and just everything in it cant be anymore then a few years old. Needless to say we fell in love instantly! I was afraid to ask the price, but when we did we were shocked to find out it was the exact SAME we are paying for our little 2 bedroom upstairs apartment! SECOND BLESSING!
We were obviously very interested, however the woman would not take any money upfront, she wanted the application filled out, refrences, ext. which we of course gave her. We prayed about it as soon as we left there and went ahead and called our landlord. We knew we didnt want to stay in our apartment and that God would provide somewhere, if not the trailer for us to live in. Two days later (Sunday) she called and told us that we could rent from her, IF another guy that came there first didnt want to rent it! WE were immediately concerned. Who on earth WOULDNT want to rent that place for that price!?! We prayed again.
Went to church Sunday evening and had one of those services that rivals all other services! One of those knock out, blow out, ushering in then spirit of the lord revivals that we pray and fast for! It was out of this world amazing and even included an "interpetation" of the tongues. I could make a whole post about this service, but to sum it up, PRAYERS were answered, chains were broken and lives were mended!! We told pastor our dilemma and he prayed with us for the lords will.
Today, the lady called us back. She told us that she had decided, before this man had even called her back, that she was going to rent to us! She said that even though she had wanted to be fair to who came first, ext. that she thought we were the better choice since we were a nice family and even though she didnt "believe or live the way we do"she still respected and looked up to us! We move in next week! THIRD BLESSING!
*The Lord knows what we need, when we need it, and we CANNOT outgive him!!! He knew with the baby on the way and the situation we're in with the new landlord that we needed somewhere else to live, however, knowing we live on one income, he provided the PERFECT place for us and our family for the exact same price we pay now! Praise the Lord!


  1. Excellent post. You cannot out give God. I also have stories where in faith we tithed and how God came through. Not only that, He doesn't just replace what you have given, He over and abundantly gives back!
    God bless

  2. Tara, great post! Thank you for sharing this testimony of how you walk in faith. I totally relate as we also tithe and live on one income. Its never easy to put aside that money for God, but 'first fruits' always. He takes care of us.. never disappoints! I have stories of my own too.. 18 years worth! Keep walking in faith,, you'll be reaping the fruit of this way in your distant future.. trust me!

    Love & Blessings!