Saturday, April 16, 2011

What I am Thankful For

Its time for another post to share what I am most glad for in my life right now. I did one last month, and looking back now, I am happy I did. Some of the things were so simple, but yet still put a smile on my face. This month, April 2011, I am thankful for;

My husband who supports and encourages me in whatever adventures I decide to take, my daughter that makes me laugh and blesses me with her own laughter and smile, all my shoes, my church, the worship team in our church because there is NO other quite like it, our pastor that never ceases to be totally anointed by God, my Dad who still calls me sometimes and has long converstations about our lives, all my spring skirts im getting to wear now, the flowers and trees blooming, putting the top down on my mustang finally, catching up our bills and starting to save for our trip to six flags, having a blog to write my thoughts, my true friends, the people I know online that support me even though we have never met, being able to cook new recipes for my family, always knowing we will have plenty of food because God provides, being saved and called out of my darkness, a personal healing from the Lord that I am super excited about, the child that the Lord is going to bless us with (no it hasnt happened yet Im just praising in advace:), being able to go once again to the alter of repentance tomorrow and cry and pray before the Lord in his house.


  1. i should do one of those, too... a "thankful post" it's a good idea to let God know in writing and everyone else, what you are thankful for.

    by the way, i also read your testimony... and i may just go out and pick up that book Beauty for Ashes... i need something like that to read... b/c i struggle with food addiction and i need to rely on God to get me through it.

    Thanks Tara :)