Friday, April 22, 2011

Teaching Small Children the Meaning of Easter

So, I read about this online and thought we would try it. It worked really well. I bought a $4 book on the meaning of easter at walmart, $3 pack of clay, and used army men that we already had bought last week for our son $3. I read our 3 year old the book last night and started explaining to her the meaning of it all. Today I tried refreshing her memory by talking with her throughout the day. She knew we had a "family activity" planned but she really didnt know what until we did it.
This evening we all sat down at the table and I read her the story again. Then my husband made Jesus' tomb while her and I wrapped "Jesus" (played by one very brave army man) in his gauze (toilet paper) very carefully and made rocks to place in front of his resting place. When it was all done we placed it on a shoebox lid and I made a really dramatic time of trying to get that HEAVY heavy rock in front of the entryway. I talked to her about how big it was and how "NO ONE could move that by themselves!" and then I asked for her help. We got it in place and then Dad placed the two guards on standby.
We cant wait till Easter morning! As sad as today is knowing our savior laid down his life for us, we are all so anxious for Sunday! I plan to get up early, roll the rock away and have my daughter wake up to her savior ALIVE AND WELL! Then of course I will explain how Jesus is bigger than even death! Hallelujah!!!
It was really powerful to do this as a family and I believe it actually worked to get the facts across to our daughter. Being so young it is hard to just talk about a subject and have them understand, but bringing it to life as something they can touch makes it so much more real!
So, just wanted to share this with you and say Happy Easter!


  1. Hi Tara, that is a really great tool. My girls are teenagers now so I dont think that'll go down too well with them now!! but it would have been great when they were younger. The participation thing makes it more real. God bless, great job. TKT