Monday, April 11, 2011

Does your computer know that you are a Christian?

We use them at work. To make phone calls. To edit pictures, talk to friends, stay in touch with loved ones. We can even send cards, do our budget, and order pizza from it. The list is endless for the activites that can be accomplished on our computers. We tend to form very personal relationships with them, to the point that some sites can even tailor ads specific to what we like, do, and read about. So since we are so close to our computers let me ask you this. Does YOUR computer know that you are a born again believe in Jesus Christ?
Think on how many hours a day you spend at your computer. Whether on your Iphone browsing, at work, or at home, it is likely to be at least a few hours a day right? Now think about what you spend DOING in that time you are at the computer. How much is work? How long is spent in emails or reading articles, maybe blogging? And how much is spent on social media sites, such as the ever popular Facebook?
Uh Oh~! Maybe too much time huh? Well let me just talk to you about the famed "Facebook" for a second, and my thoughts on how we, as Christians should be using it.
Lately, I have read a few blogs and articles on how to protect yourself, and your relationship while enjoying Facebook. I've come across lists on what "not" to do, as a Christian and servant of Jesus Christ. While these are all very helpful to some people, most of it is common sense and bearing good fruits of the spirit. No, our spouse might not know we added our old high school flame, but the Lord sure does! So, you can read tons of posts about how to behave online, or you can chose to strive to ALWAYS trust in the Lord and want to please him, and he will make your path straight. Aside from talking to friends, playing games, and catching up on the latest "gossip" (which we ALL know the Lord doesnt like anyways :) there is something else, VERY important that we should be doing with our time online. Do you know what it is?
The questions I want us all to ask ourselves is this.....
How can we use our computer to be a witness to others? Do I put status updates that are uplifting and encouraging to others? When I chat, talk, or post in a group, do I ever take the time to share my faith or believes? Are the ads on the right side of the page reflecting my walk with the Lord? Does MY COMPUTER KNOW THAT I AM IN FACT A CHRISTIAN?
If the answer to these is no, don't worry, that wasn't a test and you didn't fail. Im not going to ask anyone to tell me their answers to those questions either, but YOU and GOD do know the truth. Maybe there is an area that you can work on starting today. If you usually treat Facebook as a place to "air your dirty laundry"and every "mood" that you get into, then I challenge you to start writing more encouraging status messages. Make it a point to uplift the Lord through your trials, show your faith in him to bring you through, instead of posting about how awful life is and how everything always happens to poor you. And if you see a status like the ones you USED to post, and its clear that someone is down, then I ask you to once again, share your faith with them. Tell them about how awesome God is, and how much he loves them.
If the ads on the side of your page aren't reflecting your Christian lifestyle then I urge you to go into your profile, look at the list of your "likes" and find the ones that need weeded out. There are just as many Godly things to like on facebook as their are ungodly. Oh, and what a witness when your family and friends see that you "like" the bible, Jesus Christ, Christian music, church, exc. exc. Pretty soon, you can bet that those advertisers are going to be gearing those ads towards your believes and Godly lifestyle. Soon, your computer will catch on that you are in love with Jesus Christ!
If you are a shy person, use the chat on facebook or maybe even emails to reach out and witness to your friends and family. You can tell them everything you know, and want them to know in a simple 5 minute message, sent to their computer, and you never even have to say a word. Sometimes, this is actually more effective then in person because the person is not feeling pressured or asked to even respond to you. They simply get the message, read it, and then it is up to them to act upon it. Did you know you can even send out one mass message to tons of different people on facebook? GREAT witnessing tool!
There are tons more ways to use this age of technology and our love for social media to do great things for the Lord,
I was just thinking of this today and thought I would share because it is so very important in this end time that we use every single witnessing tool that is at our disposal. Being that we spend so much time with our computers, I think it is vital that we establish who we are and what we believe WITH our computer and the people we relate with through it. ~God Bless~

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