Thursday, April 14, 2011

Changing my blog name

When I first started this blog, it was more of a way for me to journal my life. So I thought. It has quickly turned into me writing the words that God wants me to share with other people. The way I get my posts is simply this: I wait for God to tell me what to write next. I pray, go through my days with my family, and in the most unexpected times I will get an idea of something to write and I will feel God speak to my heart and through his word on what needs to be posted.
I had originally started this blog and for lack of a better name just decided to call it "You are my Refuge". which for all general purposes, I do like that. BUT I felt that I finally had a title for my blog based on who I am and what I write also. I will from now on be calling this blog "Lady in the skirt", I think that has a cute ring to it :)
Below is a picture of the new button I made today, and this evening or tomrrow, Lord willing, I will be making a new banner to reflect the name change also. I really just wanted to post so that if you see it at the top you dont think you are on the wrong page, when in fact you are right where you wanted to be. God bless and let me know what you think of the picture and the change. Thanks