Thursday, March 31, 2011

What Fruit are you Missing?

The bible says we will know believers by their fruit right? So shouldn't we strive to have ALL of them in our lives? I realize some are going to be easier to obtain, and some will be a struggle that will require effort, work, and determination. I thought of this the other day and then I asked myself this question, "Which one of these am I lacking the most?" It immediately jumped out at me, and I couldn't believe that I had dismissed it so readily for so long. I was lacking self-control! Majorly lacking it!
For awhile I had known that I needed to lose weight, but I had been putting it off. The day I re-read the part of the bible on the fruits, I decided right then and there to do something. This gave me the motivation needed.
I have been going 3 days now, exercising, eating right, tracking my food and praying. Praying for this self-control that I am lacking. Praying that God gives me all the tools I need to be better for him. I want my life to overflow with every single one of the fruits of the spirit so that his light will shine through me and reach others.
So have you examined your own branchs lately? Are you lacking any fruit?


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