Monday, March 7, 2011

My Wedding

I keep telling people I will blog about my special day,and I just cant find the time,so I will make the time! Let me first say that it was the absolute best day of my life for sure! The only day that can come close to being as good is the day my daughter was born. But since that involved pain,the wedding beats it out (haha). But on a serious note, I felt the Lord there along with everyone that loves us and it was just perfect.
It started out with me waking up about 9 am, I know I actually slept in! My friends Tiffany and Ashley had stayed the night to help me on my wedding day. Tiff went and bought us all breakfast, then before I knew it Ash & I were loading up the car and off to the nail/hair appointment. That went smoothly and they did an awesome job! We arrived at the church about an 1 1//2 hours before showtime.
I mostly spent my time helping others get ready. Curling hair,dressing my daughter, talking and just hanging out with old friends. My aunt showed up to do my professional photos and it was such a blessing because her friend/business partner came with her(they just opened a photog studio in indianapolis) so we were blessed with not only one but two great photographers! My Dad has done videography of weddings for as long as I can remember so he did double duty. I cant wait to see the pics and video after all the edits are done!
Im not going to cut to the good part here! Fastforward and everyone is ready, my Dad comes in with a "2 minute warning from Pastor" so its time to go! I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as I gathered my dress and prepared to walk down the hall. I was so nervous at one point I stopped, told my Dad I was going to get sick,and only was able to walk ahead when he outstetched his arms to me. We sent the kiddos down the aisle, and my mom, so it was my turn. And then I realized it. I FORGOT THE RING! I freaked out! Thankfully my bff Carrie was there straigtening my trian on the gown and she ran back fast as Ive ever seen anyone run, heels and all to get it! So I had the ring and it was time.
I watched the double doors open and I really thought I was going to puke. But as my Dad led me through I looked up and started seeing all the faces of the people I love! Right then I realized I didnt have anything to be scared of, these people had all come to bless me on my special day. Once I could see my husband to be at the end of the aisle, I was even more calm. My Dad walked me up and gave me away, placing my hand into my grooms.
I then noticed that our familys were on the wrong side lol. So since I had planned to hand my mother my bouquets I had to literally TOSS them to her. That got a good laugh from the crowd. The wedding was short and sweet, but I was so nervous with all eyes on me that I was shaking so hard. Daniel even had my hands in his, but I was just shaking both of us! After we were pronounced husband and wife, we didnt even wait for pastor to say the magic words, we just kissed lol. After the kiss pastor laughed and said "you may now kiss the bride" so we got two special kisses!
We walked to the back,greeting everyone that went through to the reception. My husband had prepared the most beautiful heartfelt speech I have ever heard to me...deff. made me blush! After pictures we went over. Did our cake, and NO we did not shove it in each others face :) After all that was over we left to go out of town to evansville. We had a jucuzzi suite and spent the evening relaxing in was awesome after such a stressful time!
I had just the best time ever! And yes it did go by So fast! I felt like a princess that day, but as my new husband says "Now you are the Queen"

The Evelands


  1. *random blogger* Congratulations and God bless you and your husband!

  2. Oh Tara.. you look so beautiful and your daughter is adorable! Thank you for sharing your special day with us. May you and Daniel be a blessing to each other and may God be the head of your marriage. P.S. I've always thought it was silly to mess up your lovely gown with cake anyway ;-)

  3. What a beautiful couple. You look radiant.

  4. Wonderful story, and I just LOVE your dress! I'm not married, so I guess I can't say this for sure, but right now I am so totally dead set on the smashing of cake in each others faces! Other people think that's crazy of me, but Oh well. Blessings to you two for the next 100 years!