Thursday, March 3, 2011

Leaving my single life behind

Well I only saw it fit to leave one last post as a single woman. Tomorrow I will marry the love of my life. The man that God specially crafted for me to wed. We will stand in our church, in front of 100 people and make those sacred and life-long vows to one another. I will leave my family behind and go forward with my new husband to a life that we will make together.
So today I am a flood of emotions. I dont usually post about how I feel, or what is going on, but today I will use this blog to help myself sort though some of these emotions. I am sad. Even though I have been "out on my own" for almost 10 years now, and I have a daughter of my own, I am still sad to have my Dad "symbolically" give me away. I am still a "daddys girl" after all. When I have a bad day, I call my Dad. When I am upset, I call home to talk to him. When something great happens to me, he is the first person to know. Tomorrow he will walk me forward and place my hand into the person that is in essence taking that spot. After tomorrow, my husband will be the one I turn to for comfort, support, love and to share my joy. This just leaves me a bit sad when I think of the symbolic walk that I have to make with my Dad.
I am also extremely happy of course. I prayed for this man, I asked God for a very specific person,and in his time God brought him to me. While I was praying for my future husband, he was also praying for me, and we hadn't even met. When we did though, we both knew it was fate from the start. Love at first sight so to speak. And before that day I had never been that kind of hopeless romantic. He is my other half, my silly and carefree spirit but loving, kind, and Godly all at the same time. And I am his serious, mature half that levels him out. God truely made us to complement each other.
So tonight I will spend the evening with my friends talking,  watching movies,  and probably eatting a bunch of junk food. We will laugh, maybe cry, and do alot of talking about the past and future Im sure. This is good,  this might help take my mind off of the many emotions that I have running through me right now! At least I hope! Tomorrow I will become a wife. I couldn't be happier!


  1. Oh Tara!

    I wish you every happiness. May your wedding day be beautiful and craft a wonderful memory for you and your future husband. I will pray for you that all God's graces and blessings will be poured out in that sacred moment of your unity before God. I just celebrated my 21st anniversary and I wish I could go back in time so I could not be so nervous that I couldn't focus on the holiness of that moment when we both were joined as man and wife.

    Love & Blessings