Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is your church pew too comfortable?

This evening at service one of my sisters in Christ said to me, "Why are you sitting there and not in your usual spot" pointing to the empty pew in the front row. Tonight I had decided to sit in a different section and row altogether. I do this often when my husband is not able to attend I like to find a new "view" of the pulpit and settle in. Why? Well let me explain my mindset to you.
We all know them, every church has them, we still love them of course and they are our friends and family, but they do this: Every single service they sit in the same pew. For years they have sat there. As new generations arrive in their family, the pew fills up with even more permanant positions. If a visiting family happens to sit in "their seat" you can literally see the confusion and sometimes disdain on their faces. Even though that pew doesn't have the family name engraved on it EVERYONE knows "so n so" sits there. Why do they sit there every service for years on end? Because they are comfortable there.
There is nothing wrong with this, matter of fact, some of my own family has their very own "reserved seating" in the sanctuary. But for me, and my walk with the Lord, I do not ever want to be that comfortable, nor predictable. I want to constantly be able to change, grow, adapt, and mold myself to be the best I can for my Lord Jesus Christ. Not always going to the same seat, the exact row of pews, for every service is one way that I can ensure that I stay out of my "comfort zone" in service. It gives me a chance to always shake different hands when we go to greet visitors. It also presents an opportunity for me to come to a new place at the alter for prayer, versus always going to "my" place that I usually kneel. These are just reasons that I don't plan to ever have my "own" pew in church. The result of the issue is that I can keep coming to worship just a little newer and with a bit of a fresher perspective. I never want to get comfortable in my faith. That is dangerous. When you think that you "know" how a worship service will go, then chances are you are exactly right. I dont ever want to miss out on a blessing, healing, or word from the Lord because I got too comfortable in "my seat".


  1. I couldn't agree more. We do sit in the same area mostly, but we have a tendicies to change. And on Wednesday we always sit somewhere different. I usually don't stay in my pew long....SMILES. My husband and I I guess are a little "radical"! I usually end up out of our pew during worship most of the time. Very good post and so true!! Got to step out of the box!

  2. Very thought-provoking Tara. I've never thought of getting too "comfortable". Yes, we are creatures of habit and I have observed the same things you have. Good for you...shaking things up a little. I actually felt that same prompt once myself.. being older and more set in my ways, I didn't really follow through. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog too ;-)
    Love & Blessings