Monday, February 21, 2011

What has made me happy this week...

My daughter showing me suddenly that she did in fact pay attention when I was teaching her to count to ten/Getting out of the house and to the park with my family/My fiance' telling me I am beautiful and that he loves me/Seeing my grandma still faithfully attending church her entire life,only loving one man ever, continuing to be a role-model for the women in our family/Sitting down with pastor and working out last minute details/worries about the wedding/Getting to enjoy putting the top down for the first time this year and riding around all day in the sun/Experiancing the revival that is taking place in the church/Having my daughter inform me that "Jesus is God" at the age of 2.5/My new strappy roman sandals I found at wal-mart for $5/beginning to exercise and eat better as a family/Cuddling my sick baby girl and being so thankful that I can stay at home where I should be and take care of her/Knowing that next week I will "leave my father" and cling to a new man, my husband/The grace and everlasting mercy that is mine through Jesus/Putting the devil in his place and just letting him know that he has no hold on my thoughts, or life at all anymore/Getting a much needed manicure and pedicure/Washing and cleaning my car/Waking up another day, alive, well and able to serve!


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