Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What are we teaching our children?

Today while we were driving to visit my fiances grandmother I turned up the CD I was listening to and told Lillian, "okay be quiet. you can praise the Lord with me if you want." Not thinking much of it I turned my attention back to driving and just singing and worshiping. I noticed after a minute that she was being extra quiet, so turning around that is what I found. ^^^ My 2 1/2 year old with raised hands, glorifiying Jesus all on her own! Nothing in this world has made me more proud as a mother than to know that I am raising my daughter from an early age to know her personal lord and savior!
I quickly grabbed my phone, and yes, even though I was driving, this was one picture I just did not want to miss out on. So please dont try that at home, as I am a firm believer in NOT texting and driving :)
But this does lead me to my thoughts about how a parents behavior affects children, even at the youngest age. If I was out living in the world, then so would be my daughter. I have seen videos of toddlers saying cuss words, dancing in provacative ways, and even acting out in violence and hitting others...and isnt it because that is what they have learned from their parents? Children enter this world only knowing a few to eat, how to use the bathroom, and how to cry and sleep. Everything else is learned behavior. If we as mothers dress a certain way, or talk a certain way, so will our daughters. But, if we show them how a godly woman should act, how a lady should dress, and what is polite to say, then our daughters will also follow in those footsteps.

Last week we heard at church that a little girl had fallen off a dresser and it had fell on top of her putting her in critical condition. I explained that to Lillian and told her "thats why mommy doesnt let you climb on the dresser" and we prayed for the little girl in church. Later that night, while at home she was sitting next to me and I was busy doing something but I heard her say "In Jesus Name". So I inquired "Honey what are you praying for" to which she replied, "Im praying for that little girl so she doesnt die". This just about melted my heart! I then prayed with her, guiding her in what to say to the Lord. After we were done she told me, "Now that little girl wont die, and she wont climb on that dresser no more either" lol If we all had faith like a child! Im not sure how that little girl turned out, but I do know that Lillian, without a doubt, believed that Jesus had heard her prayer and healed that little girl.
So, with that being said, I couldn't be more proud that my daughter is learning, from me, how to be a godly lady. What bigger acomplishment could I have in my life then to serve the lord and pass that down to my own children? What greater reward is there going to be then to walk through the pearly gates with my children beside me? I can think of none.
Today I just want to thank Jesus once again for saving me, and ultimately saving my daugther also. Please think..what are you teaching your children?


  1. How sweet! You are certainly doing a good job of teaching by example. She is just so adorable. Keep up the great job you're doing.

    Love & Blessings

  2. What a beautiful post. I believe we must live it out!! NOt just talk about it and live a routine of serving od, BUT LIVING IT OUT! You must be doing that. Good for you! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I am in the Bethalto Area. I attend Landmark Worship Center (Pastor Mark Burk).