Friday, February 25, 2011

"Ewww Mom!"

"Mommy why do you clean the toilet? It's SO gross!" says my daughter as she carefully observes me elbow deep in the bowl. This is not the first time she has inquired as to why I do what I do. My simple answer to her is always the same, "Because this is my job and its what Mommys do".
Simple enough of an answer I suppose, but as I went on to cleaning the tub I reflected on this for a moment and of course come up with a few thoughts to write about.
First off, why exactly am I on my knees cleaning a tub? I could be an attorney owning my own law firm, I could have become an award winning journalist and traveled the world, but instead I use my skills and knowledge at home. No one made me make this decision, I chose to do this because I love my daughter, and because God has blessed me enough to be able to stay at home with her. I do this because I chose to have a family and I want to be the one to teach my children what is right from wrong. I want to be here to instill into them the values of a christian, the femininity of being a woman, and the great responsibility of passing Gods love onto others. And personally I do not think anyone is better equipped to teach her these things than I am.
Also, I left my job a month ago and decided to stay home in order to practice how to be a good wife and helpmeet to my future husband. Next week we will be married, and I am so thankful that God made the decision to have me stay at home. I have not wasted this month being idle either. I have studied, read, prayed, and practiced how to be the wife that God intended for me to be. I have found many wonderful books, blogs, videos, and just helpful woman willing to lend advice in my journey. Because I am realistic I know that our relationship is not going to always be so easy-going as it is now, I realize that in order to maintain anything in life, that hard work must be done. So, why do I clean the disgusting toilet? Because that is part of running a house, and a big part of being a wife and mother, it is what I chose to do in my life, and I believe it is every bit as important as being a lawyer, journalist, or any other career that people are called to do.


  1. What a beautiful post. I don't really know you but I promise you have some similar thoughts that I have. Bless you on your wedding. and I answered your questions on my weight loss blog.

  2. okay great! thank you so much!