Wednesday, March 2, 2016

How I lost my first 20 pounds without losing any of my breast milk supply!

So, one of my reasons (ahmmmm...excuses) for putting off my fitness journey so long was I am an undersupplier already. This means that I have had to supplement my son with donor milk and formula since the beginning, I have never been able to fully meet his needs.

This has never stopped me from giving him what I do make however, and they say "Any breast milk is better than none"...but still I was so scared that I'd experience this huge dip in supply as soon as I started cutting calories and exercising.

I did NOT lost any milk though! And I want to share with you how I did that!

First off, let me say that I haven't done any 'get skinny quick' things such as wraps, pills, drinks, etc. I seriously have put the work in and am now seeing the results that I am loving! I don't believe in those things, sure a wrap might give you the illusion of losing some weight, but I honestly do not believe it melts the pounds away and keeps them off like tried and true diet and exercise. Also, I don't believe their is any 'get skinny quick' pill or drink that you can take..if there was our nation wouldn't be in this hot mess of obesity that we are in. 

That said, I did the old fashioned nutrition and exercise route! I started with a program called PiYo from Beachbody. If you haven't heard of it here is a quick little video that shows you what it is. Basically its Pilattes and Yoga mixed together into one awesome low impact  high intensity workout. What does that mean? There are no jumps or craziness, it mainly works on your strength and flexability. I had to personally start here because I was so out of shape. Here is my before photo on the day I started PiYo.

Here is my 'after' 8 weeks of PiYo and eating right!

So, how did I do THAT ^^^ and not lose an ounce of are my tips...

  •  WATER WATER WATER!!! Yes, I know since pregnancy people say 'Oh just drink more water" But seriously, when you are exercising you HAVE to replace your water in your body. Not only would I chug water all day from a water bottle, but also ....tip 2...
  • ELECTROLYTES !! I opt for 'Smart Water' or a 'G2'. I found out fast that regular Gatorade has way too much sugar and other crap in it! Replace those electrolytes and you will likely even see a boost to your supply!
  • Shakeology!!! Shakeology is the nutrition drink that is the cornerstone of success with these programs. You can workout everyday and not see the full results if you're not eating healthy and filling your body with the right nutrients. Shakeology is what tells you body "I've got what I need, unload the rest" and you see the fat come off. This isn't a super pill that works by magic! This is a whole foods based drink that conditions the body to be strong and healthy while you exercise. You don't lose weight by starving your body of food but by only giving it the right food! In a nutshell, it staves off hunger, cuts cravings, and keeps you healthy during this journey 
  • Nutrition!!! So this goes back to drinking the shakeology. If you aren't eating enough you don't make milk. Your body will stop your metabolism and that will not let your weight come off. YOU HAVE TO EAT! Just eat the right foods! The shakeology really helped my cravings and after about 2 weeks I was able to totally stop snacking and really felt amazing!
  • SUPPORT! This is huge for breastfeeding moms in general, but add in exercising and omg its so essential!!! There are so many groups on Facebook for this but my all time favorite is called "Fancy Fit Life". Also and probably my biggest supporter is my COACH! Beachbody offers free personal coaching, for life, for free. Yes, for FREE! If you are interested in having a personal coach try this link HERE and you can join my journey with me!

I really hope these help! If you have any questions be sure to reach out to me, I might be able to help you! You can email me at '' or find me on Facebook even! I look forward to chatting with you!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Two things NOT to say to someone on a fitness journey

So during my weight loss journey (what I prefer to call this en-devour Im tackling right now), I've noticed a few different things that keep reoccurring. One thing in particular that really just upsets me is when someone says things like

"OH keep going and soon you're going to be so skinny and thin"


"I bet you can't wait until you're skinny enough to shop in the misses again"

Ummmmm....NO. Not everyone has a goal to 'get skinny' when they decide to get fit.

First of all, I have zero desire to shop in the misses...I'm a 31 year old grown Mother of 3 here, I prefer my clothes to not have holes in them when I purchase them.

But the real issue I want to talk on is this.


I am on a journey to get fit. To be healthy. To prolong my life. To see my grandkids graduate high school. I want to enjoy this life and be fit and fabulous. Skinny isn't even on my mind until someone says something like this to me.

In fact, it's time that we as a nation stop 'assuming' that everyone that wants to get fit or is working out is doing so for that reason. Some of us are very happy being plus size, and just fine with it, as long as we can still do the things that we want to do, enjoy our family, exercise, eat right and take care of our bodies.

The scale isn't a measure of how healthy I am.

I am living in the here and now, and today I am down 17 lbs. but I'm still 'plus size', but I'm feeling so good. I feel like I really can hike a hard trail, coach my daughters softball team and run after those girls, like I can do anything! And I have been! I am feeling great and this journey isn't going to stop anytime soon!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Why join Beachbody as a Plus Size coach

Seriously though, who doesn't LOVE to follow a good transformation story?

This business IS a business, we do want to make money, but most of us really do join to help inspire others. And I'm not sure about you but I totally love it when I can see and get to know a person AS they reach their weight loss goals. I watch other mamas with similar intrests as I; breastfeeding, co sleeping, baby wearing, wanna be skinny like in their 20's real moms who have went from a size 18 to a size 4...and THAT INSPIRES ME!

I want to be that type of coach. The one that has the amazing results right in front of everyone and for the public to see my struggles, my fears, my fight to push through to the end. I don't want to give a 'highlight reel' at the end of my journey, I'd much rather have you living it with me.

So yes, while I'm 'Plus Size' please follow me, subscribe to my youtube channel, and watch me get fit and healthy as my journey unfolds!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Why I started My Fitness Journey: Started Jan. 2016

So I started this fitness journey at 226 lbs. I am now down to 215 lbs. about 3 weeks in and I'm feeling great! I do a set of workouts from Beachbody called "PiYo' every morning as well as replacing my breakfast with Shakeology daily.

In the past I've never really been a 'dieter'. I did lose weight after my daughters birth, but it took a few years. Same thing after having my first son, it was awhile before I looked and felt good again. This time my baby is almost 9 months old, and I'm heavier than when I gave birth to him.

How is that possible you ask?

Well, if you've never breastfed then you might not know this, but there's a secret no one tells you...breastfeeding makes you ravenously all the time. Add to the fact that I dont make enough milk for my child unless I take Domperdone (a digest med with a crazy awesome side effect of milk production!) and yes I have GAINED since having him! At my follow up wic appointment I was 201, so needless to say I gained almost 30 lbs. just from nursing! Thats more than I gained being pregnant.

Okay so in my defense, I had a very high a1c at the doctors office (see the video for better explanation on that) and the high sugar levels has been a huge factor in retaining this weight around my stomach area. I am now on a thyroid med (oh yea that was low as well, so it was like almost impossible for me to lose!) and metformin to help with the sugar.

Im on the right track now, thankfully! With diet and exercise I have a goal of under 200 by my sons 1st birthday! I hope you follow my journey with me! To find me on Facebook please click here

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Easy to Understand Periscope tutorial!!!!

I was going to wait until tomorrow, but this is just TOO hot, TOO fresh, and way too addicting to wait! So, why do I love Periscope; and why you should too! Lets start basic here:

"What is Periscope"

I know what you're thinking..."Oh no another app I'll want to learn, I'll get around to it, really it can't be that awesome". You. Are. 


Seriously, its so easy and so fun, you really must go get on it.

There are two very simple things you can do on Periscope:  1. Broadcast live  2. Watch others broadcast live.

Basically its like this....

Have you ever wondered what the same sunrise you see every morning would look like in say Hawaii, on the beach? How about what a worship service praising God looks like in Germany? Imagine being able to flip between the two! In real time! Seeing the movement of the Holy Ghost as it happens! This is an amazing way to reach others for Christ worldwide and see a huge movement happen!

But you don't just watch, you can tap the screen to show some love with the hearts...even comment and interact in real time with the broadcaster!

Okay so really though you get on, see if anyone you follow on Twitter is live (yes this is Twitter owned), if not or no one you want to watch tap the globe button at the top to see what's going on around the world!

SIDE NOTE: just like on Twitter, you can choose to have as many Periscope accounts as you have Twitter accounts.

Switching between your Periscope accounts is easy.

  1. Add all your Twitter accounts to your phone (read Mike Allton’s tutorial on how to add multiple Twitter accounts to your phone, if you need help).
  2. Sign out of your current Twitter account (as long as you are signed into Twitter, Periscope will continue to automatically log you in under that account).
  3. Log into Periscope under desired Twitter account

How to use Periscope 

Download the app first; then go through the setup where you connect your Twitter...of course just follow the prompts on your screen for this part.

Once you're set up you can hit the red button to record immediately and see how it works but personally I felt this was overwhelming for me, and scary because I had NO IDEA WHAT TO BROADCAST!!

So I watched. I tapped the global views buttons and tuned in to what others were watching...

A sunrise in Maine...deer in the backyard in Nova in Atlanta, something going down in Turkey that I have no clue what because I don't speak other languages, Pilates in Oregon and breakfast in St. Louis with an adorable little girl....

And I was hooked!

So I decided to try for myself, and I started with nursing my son. Just what I was doing at the time. And people loved it!  

Its so easy, just go live, or watch live and interact! 

I could sit here all day and try to tell you how to use it, or just say the truth "ITS VERY EASY, DOWNLOAD IT AND TRY!"

If you  need a friend to follow find me easily via twitter here!!!!

Lets SCOPE!!!


Captivating our Husband: Proverbs 5:20

I'm on day 2 of the Pin God First challenge by Carey Bailey! Daily I strive to be up, ready, coffee in hand and in my office seat by 5am. I nurse the baby around 4 and sneak out just in time to make it most days. As of yesterday I have added this new challenge, and I am loving it!

Today I want to talk about captivating my husband. Not yours, thats your job, and Im sure you do it great so I want to tell you how I try to captivate mine and maybe some things I can do differently. remember, no husband is perfect but this is about US, not them. What your husband needs to do for God and his marriage is just that, for God, and not our concern to try to tell him, pray for him if you need change :)

Proverbs 5 talks about adultery. Yes, that ugly word that no one thinks will ever happen to them or their marriage...but then it does. We must have safe gaurds in effect to protect our relationship from it. Adultery is the number one thing the devil must use to ruin marriages; but he can't if we don't let him. Yes, I said that, the DEVIL CANNOT WIN AGAINST YOU OR YOUR MARRIAGE UNLESS YOU ALLOW IT.

How do you ask? Let me tell you one way and it ties into these verses today:

Proverbs 5:17-20

Let them by yours alone; never to be shared with strangers.
May your fountain be blessed; and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth.
A loving doe, a graceful deer-
may her breasts satisfy you always,
may you ever be CAPTIVATED by her love.
Why be CAPTIVATED my son, by an adulteress?
Why embrace the bosom of another man's wife?

Wow, so this advice being given to a son from his father is great huh?! Especially since it goes on to warn against what will happen if temptation is not resisted.


"For a man's ways are in FULL VIEW of the Lord,
and he examines all his paths.
The evil deeds of a wicked man
ensnare him; the cords of his sin hold him fast.
He will DIE for lack of discipline,
led astray by his OWN great folly.

Well thats pretty intense. So, as a wife, I love my husband, I want to help my husband, I don't want to hinder him at all...and the part I see that I can do is the 'captivating'.....see the word captivated is a verb..and a verb is what can WE DO as wives to help our husbands be captivated with us and not even consider going astray down a path of adultery?

Here are a few things that I do, they might seem little or silly to you, but please leave your comments with what YOU DO in your marriage that keeps your husband captivated like when you first met. Remember those days when you felt butterflies when he called? When you wondered what holding his hand might feel like? How about when you worried if he would love your dinner or not? When you tried to impress him for a date with what you were wearing??

A few things I did yesterday to captivate:

  • Gave him a hug first thing in the morning (should be a kiss but I dont do morning breath)
  • Made him coffee to take with him to work
  • Made his lunch since we are on a food budget so he didn't have to eat out
  • Asked him what he wanted for dinner and let him pick since I was going to the grocery store anyways
  • Asked him about his day
  • Made his food first at dinner
  • Held the baby so he could eat his dinner first 
  • Did my makeup and got dressed for him (he DOES notice this one)

Those are just a few things I tried to do yesterday alone...each day I am learning and growing. I hope this helps you as well! Tomorrow I want to share a bit of my morning routine with you as well as Proverbs 6! Have a blessed and inspired day!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Pin God First; Putting God First in my Day; Proverbs 4.

Hey there!
I am so happy to have woken up this lovely morning, snuck out of bed like a ninja from a sleeping baby, and into my office to start my day with some amazing Colombian gold (aka coffee)!

So, I am starting this new thing called "Pin God First" that I found while browsing Pinterest. If you want to read more about it you can head on over to the site by Carey Bailey and find the printable that I use as well!

 (Sample of reading plan; head to site to download)

When you get to that page just read about the challenge..short and sweet explanation is this.

You can't start a successful day without talking to God first.

 I mean come on, you want to have a great day right!

 So don't get sucked into social media first thing; spend some time first with God. Doesn't even have to be a long time, just some time, let him talk to you first before the world floods your mind and heart with its opinions and views!

You start by praying the the Lord will open your heart and mind. Then read the scripture for that day that is laid out for you to read. I go through once then go back and read again and underline any WORDS that stand out to you. Go read again and highlight any PHRASES that stand out...and one more time to CIRCLE any words that stand out. Trust me you will have different things each time and God will begin to make it more clear what he wants to say and speak to you today!

After reading be sure to use a piece of paper, your journal, whatever it is and jot down some simple words that you are feeling. I normally write the words or the verse that really stood out to me, read them and pray over that part that I feel God is speaking to me about specifically.

Again, it doesn't have to take a lot of time, it can be 5 minutes or it can be 30, whatever works..just read and spend some time with HIM before THEM :)

One thing thats really helped me get my A.M. routine going is prepping my coffee pot the night before AND my desk as well with the first tasks sitting right on top, front and center. (thats my bible and reading plan btw) I will post on this tomorrow, how to set a morning routine that works for you!

Until then, be blessed and be inspired!